P.O. Box 33
120 leslie lane
Swansboro, NC 28584
phone: 910. 326 3005
fax: 910. 326 5035

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NATIONAL MARBLE PRODUCTS was formed in 1984 to supply Murry Chris Craft and Hatteras Yachts with cast marble products for their very large, luxury yachts.

Since then, NMP has evolved into a full range supplier of cast marble and solid surface products for custom kitchen and bath applications. Our products exceed quality requirements established by ANSI 124.3 standards, and we have been certified by the National Association of Home Builders.

is our proprietary solid surface product. It has the physical properties necessary to fabricate very high quality counters, sinks and lavs. LOTUS exceeds current ICPA quality requirements and has been proven to match or exceed competitive materials in terms of price and value.



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Seams joined by NMP proprietary joint compound. These compounds are custom formulated to closely match the shower colors. These fused seams provide improved water tight integrity; i.e. destructive tests show that the panel material will fail before the seam. No caulk is used so no mildew sites exist.
indent.GIF (45 bytes)Affordable showers for the handicapped is a specialty. And cast marble shower designs are very to the custom fits and difficult access needed for remodeling.



Cast-in bowl
Variety of bowl styles
All popular colors

Lavs designed and fabricated to your specific needs.


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The ICPA Pinnacle Award recognizes excellence for cast marble installations. It is a national competition sponsored by Reichold Chemical and ICPA. National Marble Products won this award for best installation in 1996.


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